FLIR - Infrared Solutions for Building Diagnostic for Chinese Drywall

With a FLIR infrared camera, you can instantly locate moisture wherever it may be, so you can take quick action to eliminate it. You can see moisture without physically disassembling structures or disturbing inhabitants. FLIR infrared cameras are preferred by building experts for fast, reliable, accurate building diagnosis for a wide of problems, from fire and flood investigations to chronic leaks and moisture issues. FLIR Infrared Camera

FLIR ThermaCAM infrared cameras are lightweight and rugged, ideal for field use. You can instantly capture and record high-resolution thermographic images and then download them to a PC. You can also output full-motion infrared video records in real-time to a video recorder. With FLIR's interchangeable lenses, you're ready to handle a wide variety of situations.

FLIR training helps you get the most out of your infrared camera. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to use infrared thermography in building inspections, FLIR offers training programs to help. Many insurance companies, restoration firms, and building owners require thermographers to be certified in infrared building science. To help meet this need, the Infrared Training Center (ITC) - the global leader in infrared training - in conjunction with the Building Science Institute (BSI), have developed two introductory courses and a certification course. These courses cover Best Practices in the cleaning and restoration industry based on extensive field experience in thermography and building construction, and include many cases studies showing how IR thermography has been used to pinpoint sources of building moisture, provide definitive Cause and Origin data, enable energy savings, and prevent possible catastrophes.


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