The GALE FORCE has become the #1 selling Minimum Amperage Air Mover and the first choice of Professional Restoration Contractors when the job demands the best.

Industry experts agree that Gale Force is the only choice when nothing less than superior drying ability will do.

The Gale Force is the only air mover in the industry designed by restoration contractors for restoration contractors.

The result of months of in-depth customer focus groups, state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous field tests, the Gale Force offers an unbeatable combination of maximum airflow, minimum amperage and performance pitch for superior drying power.

"Chuck Dewald and the Dewald Drying Institute (DDI) conducted axial air mover research and testing for Dry Air Technology. The purpose of this research was to determine the optimum performance positioning of axial air movers. The results showed that positioning the Gale Force set up at a 30 degree angle and pitching the unit down 9 degrees (1.5 inches) produced the largest drying area. The Gale Force with the Performance Pitch Retro Kit produced a drying area more than twice as large compared to the best performing competitive axial air mover."
-Chuck Dewald III, August 2004

"Finally someone has listened to ol' Chuck. I've hooped and hollered for years that our two major problems in the field are heat and finding the power to handle the needed amount of equipment on any water loss. The Gale Force can eliminate both of these problems and many more by operating at minimal amps, giving off less heat, and generating much more actual CFMs to dry any structure much faster. The Gale Force is and will be the fan of the future."
-Chuck DeWald, Emergency Vortex Drying School


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