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There's a simple formula to make sure your Chinese drywall renovation project gets done right:

Chinese Drywall Renovation


If you are located on Florida's Treasure Coast and looking for a qualified Chinese drywall remediation contractor who will implement a proven abatement protocol in the removal and replacement of contaminated drywall in your home, give One Call Properties Service a call. As a Florida licensed general contractor, we provide quality work, timely service, and reasonable pricing.

More than 10 million square feet of the Chinese drywall was imported to Florida's Treasure Coast during the building boom in 2004-2006. If your South Florida home was built during those years, its likely your home contains Chinese drywall. Unfortunately, that drywall is now referenced by such derogatory terminology as "Hazardous Chinese drywall", "Tainted Chinese Drywall" and "Contaminated Drywall". This Chinese drywall has been confirmed to contain sulfur, high concentrations of strontium, and phosphogypsum, a radioactive phosphorus substance. Add moisture to this cocktail and the results are damaging to home and health.

If your home has Chinese drywall, what can be done to make it safe and inhabitable?

Homeowners should consider the following steps:

  • Get an environmental testing company to verify, for legal purposed, that Chinese drywall is in your home.
  • Have your home inspected by a certified contractor. We are a full-service residential and commercial construction company servicing Florida's Treasure Coast.
  • Decide if you intend to continue living in your home. Homes containing contaminated Chinese dry wall have little resale value.
  • Come up with a plan for your home's renovation. Get cost estimates and a time line for removal, remediation and re-installation.
  • We will work with your legal representatives and insurer to preserve all your options while potential litigation is pending.

Beware of Scams!

Florida's Attorney General has issued warnings to home owners who may be vulnerable to newly created scams related to the Chinese drywall problem. He noted that a homeowner can determine if defective drywall is present in his or her home by asking the home builder, a general contractor, or a qualified air conditioner technician to conduct a professional visual inspection. The presence of defective imported drywall cannot be determined by "testing" the air in the home; Drywall samples can be sent to a testing lab for analysis.

Homeowners should be aware of and attempt to avoid the following scams which builders have reported to the Attorney General's Office:

  • Sale of bogus test kits. These can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars, and are generally ineffective. The presence of defective imported drywall can only be determined through visual inspection and analysis.
  • Solicited home inspections costing thousands of dollars by "experts" with no apparent qualification. Homeowners should beware of cold calls and door-to-door solicitors.
  • Sale of sprays and applications which allegedly claim to miraculously cure the corrosion problem. Not only are these products ineffective, the addition of moisture may accelerate the corrosion problem.
  • Sale of ozone generators. Ozone will actually increase the chemical reaction between the drywall and copper and the corrosion will be accelerated.

What should homeowners be doing now?

Homeowners planning to keep or return to their contaminated homes should get a comprehensive cost estimate for demolition and reconstruction. Such an estimate should be provided free of charge by a reputable contractor, should be based on the most accurate pricing information available and should be prepared using cost estimator tools acceptable to the insurance industry. Once you have an estimate, you'll be able to deal with all the various agencies, banks, insurers and regulators to move forward when compensation plans are released by state and federal agencies, and the insurance companies.

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We provide contracting services to homeowners, builders, property management companies and all else who want the absolute best when it comes to property damage restoration. We provides services to Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties, including the cities of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound, Stuart and Jensen Beach.

We are a member of both the Better Business Bureau and the Treasure Coast Builder Association and we specialize in all aspects of disaster damage restoration including:

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One Call Properties Services Inc. has served the South Florida area since 2005. We believe our fast, friendly service has allowed us to thrive in the residential, commercial and light industrial property damage remediation markets. Please contact us if you have any questions. Call us (772 223-8400 ) if you are interested in receiving a free quote from us on your remediation, reconstruction, or restoration needs.IICRC support

Whether you are a Treasure Coast area property manager, commercial general contractor, or home owner, One Call Properties Service will provide quality work, timely service, and reasonable pricing. We pride ourselves on the high standards we have established and maintained as a Treasure Coast area contractor. We will gladly provide references if you are considering us for your next damage restoration project.

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