Sound-Deadening Gypsum Board

Sound-deadening gypsum board features two separate specially engineered 5⁄16"-thick gypsum panels, each manufactured with a mold- and moisture-resistant core and facers, laminated together using a viscoelastic polymer. With this pliable adhesive between the two rigid panels, it is a very effective product for interrupting the transmission of noise vibrations through wall and partition assemblies. This makes it the ideal solution to help deliver new, increasingly common code-required, higher STC values.


  • Dramatically higher sound deadening performance than standard gypsum board
  • Easily cut out or scored with utility knife and snapped by hand
  • May be installed over wood or metal framing and fastened with nails or screws
  • Product is a proprietary Type X panel that has passed the full scale ASTM E1191 fire test
  • Features the TemShield Mold Protection System engineered into its mold- and moisture-resistant core and facers
  • Manufactured with a minimum of 93% certified recycled content on a dry-weight basis in accordance with ISO 14021 standards


  • Should not be used as a nailing base
  • Should not be used as a tile backer in tub and shower surrounds or in areas with a risk of continuous exposure to water such as swimming pool enclosures, steam rooms or gang shower rooms
  • Avoid exposure to repeated or continuous sources of moisture before, during or after installation
  • Should be stored, handled and installed to comply with industry standards GA216 & ATM C840
  • Should not be immersed in water or subjected to cascading water conditions
  • Should not be laminated to masonry surfaces
  • See our technical data publication for more information

Mold and Moisture Resistance:

Sound-deadening gypsum board provides an enhanced water and mold-resistant core, as well as water and mold-resistant facers on both sides. Verified independently as per ASTM D327*, the standard test of mold resistance.

Fire Resistance of 5/8" Type X Panels:

This material has been fire tested in accordance with the requirements of ASTM E119 and therefore may provide a fire rating of one or more hours, depending on the system in which it is applied. Because ASTM procedures require that fire tests be conducted on complete building assemblies/systems and not just on the board itself, the ability of any particular 5/8" Type X gypsum board to pass a specific ASTM fire test may well depend on factors other than the fire resistance of the gypsum board being tested.

Low VOC-Emitting Material:

Gypsum board products are third-party certified by Materials Analytical Services, LLC (MAS) to meet the performance standard established for low-emitting materials under the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Program.

Sulfur Emissions Testing:

In emissions level testing for carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide conducted by Materials Analytical Services, U.S producted gypsum board was determined to be negative for sulfur off-gassing and is not considered a problematic corrosive drywall type.


Gypsum boards should be carried, never dragged, to prevent damaging the finished edges. When storing gypsum boards, store them indoors and protect them from weather and direct sunlight. Boards should be stored lying flat and neatly stacked. Care should be taken to prevent sagging or damage to edges, ends and surfaces.


IICRC support

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