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Gypsum Board Overview

Gypsum board, often referred to as drywall or wallboard, is a building panel consisting mainly of a noncombustible gypsum core material sandwiched between two durable paper or fiberglass facers. These panels or sheets are used most often as a simple, cost-efficient, interior wall and ceiling construction material for both residential and commercial projects.

Enhanced with a variety of core additives and/or backer variations, gypsum board can provide a range of performance characteristics for specialty applications including:

  • mold-resistant walls and ceilings
  • racking-resistant structural strength
  • fire-resistant protection
  • sag-resistant ceiling panels
  • damage-resistant wall protection
  • fast and efficient soffit installation
  • curved wall surface construction
  • noise-controlled walls and floor/ceilings
  • flame-spread protected separation walls and elevator shafts

In addition, properly installed gypsum board adds strength and sound resistance to interior walls and improves the living and working environment of any facility constructed with this versatile material. GreenGlass®, our newest and most moisture-resistant fiberglass-faced gypsum board offers powerful mold protection and at least 90% recycled content, a standard-setting level in the industry.

Gypsum board is easy to install and provides the ideal surface to apply a whole range of textures, colors and treatments for an almost infinite variety of decorative effects. It is sold and distributed through lumber yards, home centers and special gypsum board supply centers in much of the United States.


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