Contaminated Drywall Renovation

Chinese-made drywall causing property and health hazards

The issue of Chinese drywall began surfacing publicly in December 2008, when homeowners in Florida began to suspect that a strange corrosion and odor in their homes was tied to the drywall — also known as wallboard or gypsum board.

Since then, thousands of homeowners across Florida and the nation have blamed the drywall for respiratory problems, headaches and other health effects.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission released a report linking Chinese drywall to high levels of hydrogen sulfide and metal corrosion in homes. A number of class-action lawsuits have recently been filed in Florida, where some builders are moving residents out of their homes and replacing suspect drywall.

America’s Watchdog says the suspect drywall is being found in homes built or remodeled since 2004.
Among the indicators:

  • The home may have a slight or strong, sulfur, rotten egg or acid type smell.
  • Air conditioning coils, stove top and oven elements, and refrigerators failing at an unusually high rate—often within a year or less.
  • Silver jewelry or silver wedding plates or flatware tarnishing within months or even weeks. Mirrors might turn black.
  • Since moving into the house, a homeowner or family member may have experienced symptoms of severe allergies, nose bleeds, or upper respiratory problems. If that person leaves the home for an extended period of time, these symptoms may disappear.

Hundreds of homeowners have filed suit over the tainted Chinese drywall, and pending federal cases have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation underway in New Orleans. An agreement has been reached and victims whose homes were built with wallboard manufactured by Knauf must sign on to the omnibus class action against Knauf by December 2, 2009. This is a hard deadline that will not be amended to add additional claimants. Eligibility involves proof that the home in question was constructed with wallboard made by Knauf Plasterboard. Parker Waichman Alonso LLP is the first law firm to file a federal Chinese drywall lawsuit and is offering assistance to any homeowner interested in joining the Knauf Plasterbaoard lawsuit.

As part of a pilot program, Knauf has agreed to pay for the full remediation of 300 homes. The scope of work includes removal and replacement of all 1/2" drywall, all wiring, the air conditioner, carpeting/padding, and all affected appliances and light fixtures. The home will be restored to its original state, including all finishes. It is expected that this program will be expanded to remediate other homes with Knauf drywall.


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